Bristol Hillycat – 10/07/10

The second best Hillycat in the south west! This one’s gonna hurt though, believe. Bring sick bags and spare lungs. All the deets over at Track Dropouts.


Yeah we like it raw

I’ve been swinging my leg over this beauty since November ’09, she’s a little scarred from being ragged down the hills in Bath every day but, wow…. just wow. Thank you John and all at Shop 14, and not forgetting Lee Cooper. BIG UP’S.

No Gears 3 at The Arnolfini

No Gears 3 is ON….

Thursday 3rd June at The Arnolfini, Brizzle. Featuring Grace Ladoja’s film ‘London to Paris‘ and Kareem Shihab’sDeath Pedal 2‘. Get your tickets here, or on the old dog’n’bone on these digits: 0117 917 2300. Also worth keeping an eye on the No Gears Twitter.

Should be a cracking night… If you fancy a leisurely ride over from Bath with us, drop us a line on the email or leave a comment below.

Fast Food race results yo

Fast Food

Here’s the top 10…
1. Alistair
2. Action
3. Owen
4. Paul D
5. Steve
6. Paul B
7. Jeff
8. Ben
9. Osian
10. Tyron
For full race reports and the rest of the leaderboard, head on over the bridge to either FixedGearCardiff or The Foot Down.

Fast Food Alleycat: Cardiff, Sunday 2 May

Exactly what it says on the tin… All the deets are up at The Foot Down


Parklife Alleycat

Come race your whip around Bath on Saturday 13 March through four of our city’s finest parks (and one in sunny Saltford) plus three laps of the FixedGearBath Antidrome! Fixed / singlespeed only!!
Sign up at Trackdropouts or email us at
We would like to thank all our sponsors who have contributed to the winners swag bag….
You can check out all the meeting/ start / 5 checkpoints /  finish on this handy Google Map.
Meet up at Sydney Gardens at 2:00 pm. Race starts at 2:30pm…. That is all…

Mmmm, Lanbow………