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The Foot Down OwlyCat 2010

The Foot Down OwlyCat 2010 will take place on October 16th in Swansea. You will race 25 miles hitting 5 checkpoints along a set route, because of this local riders will have far less advantage than normal, the secret knowledge of backroads will be of no advantage here, the strongest rider will win.

Get all the deets over at The Foot Down, and a route map here.


Night of the Living Dead Alleycat

The last alleycat of the year, Saturday 28 August 2010. For more info head over to Track Dropouts or sign-up to race here or on Facebook.

Fast Food race results yo

Fast Food

Here’s the top 10…
1. Alistair
2. Action
3. Owen
4. Paul D
5. Steve
6. Paul B
7. Jeff
8. Ben
9. Osian
10. Tyron
For full race reports and the rest of the leaderboard, head on over the bridge to either FixedGearCardiff or The Foot Down.

Fast Food Alleycat: Cardiff, Sunday 2 May

Exactly what it says on the tin… All the deets are up at The Foot Down


Cantgoslo Fixed Drift Alleycat

short course point to point alleycat
cash prizes, swag and bragging rights to be won
sponsor roll call:
email: cantgoslo@gmail.com for more information

Short course point to point alleycat, cash prizes, swag and bragging rights to be won…

Email: cantgoslo@gmail.com for more information, or go to the Cantgoslo blog.